First experience with Vardi Migdal

Went to Jcube today to try my luck on getting the sold out Mcdonald birdie Hello Kitty, unfortunately it was all sold out.


Went pass this shop Vardi Migdal and was attracted by colourful display of their products.  Seeing the chance, the salesperson immediately approached me with some samples of their organic soap.  The soaps are not just colourful but they smell very nice too.  Jasmine, Lavender … 🙂 Ahhh Nice !!


This guy is really a good salesperson.  After sensing my interest in the products he quickly introduced me to their dead sea range of products.  Using the same technique of most cosmetic and skin care salesperson, he politely asked me to try their product on my hand.


First is the sea salt scrub, followed by the facial peel, the dead sea mud and then the night cream.   After comparing the hand that had used the products and the other without, I do see a difference in the tone and texture of the skin.  But I guess most of such demo gives similar results haha.

At first I was reluctant to purchase the product but this guy is really patient and continue to explain to me about the difference of the Asian’s skin vs Caucasian’s skin etc. How their product can help to improve my oily skin problem … Errm OILY SKIN !! ok he hit on the soft spot.  I was in fact trying to find some products to improve on that problem.


At first, after checking the price ( Not cheap ), I decided to just try the facial peel. However under the influence of vanity, I ended up getting the whole set of products.  😛 I am not sure why the salesperson is so nice to me but he gave me a special offer by throwing in the night cream FOC if I get the peel and mud and I pay only $10 for the salt ( Original price $50 ).

Ok so I ended up with a damage of a couple of hundreds.  Anyway hope the products really does what it suppose to do … I will be doing a review in a couple of weeks, so please follow my blog if you want to know if the products are worth buying of not.


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  1. Hi Andrew,
    I am amazed by your Vardi Migdal experience. Thanks for sharing.
    Infact I had almost similar experience yesterday and have shelled out a few hundred bucks on their product too. Lol.
    I am just curious to know if it worked for you? – Shrini

    1. Hi Shrini

      Hey thanks for the comments 🙂 … at least now I know people are reading my blog haha.

      So far the product I enjoyed most is the sea salt scrub, really leaves the skin smooth and clean after using.
      The peel is good but I was busy to use it diligently every week.
      The mud mask was a bit difficult to spread over the face. My oily face did not improve that much but I am not sure if it was because I did not use the mask that often.
      The night cream is nice, no sticky face after apply and the skin remains radiant the next day 🙂

      Please do share with me your experience too 🙂


    2. Hi Andrew,
      Me n my gal fren went pass this shop you we were attracted by the colorful display.thus we went in for a look.we were both introduce to a lot of products.however we realize that there were no price on all d items. I have to say that the salesperson (Filipino-from his accent) had good selling tactic.initially he say he work as a dermatologist at jurors point .then after promoting his products he say since I am the manager I can do some price discount for you.that is good I have too say. I am tempted to buy the facial peel as the result shown on my friend face was amazing.h/ever as it cost 240 we were considering.den he offer for 120 but still we didn’t buy. How much did u paid ur peel mask for?n by d way is the peel mask good?

      1. Hi Lisa

        I paid around that price. I think same tactic. The peel is not too bad but it does feels like the Ginvera Marvel gel ( which is cheaper of course ). The only product I really like is the sea salt scrub, skin is smooth after using. Oily face did improve but still not really what I expected.


    3. Hi Guys,

      After reading the above, I kind of disappointed too.
      This afternoon I’m going to Isetan Wisma Atrium and pass the shop V&M. I was stopped by their sales staff. They are really good and sweet talking and also very convincing. I told him I gtg and he kept saying no obligation. … cut it short I spent $680 on the facial and body products… Just hope it works!

  2. My sister just bought some skin care products from Vardi&Migdal at Plaza Sing today. cause we are quite surprised by the effect of the dead sea salt scrub.It makes our skin smoother ! So,we bought the dead sea salt and others product.
    but when I check the website via online,i noticed that the price that told by the salesman abit diff from the internet.The price of online purchase is cheaper .but he did gave us a lot of discount. I was thinking that is their product fixed price ? or diff from people to people.

  3. Hi, I happened to chance by your blog when googling this company. I was cheated by the shop of 19.20 bucks, in total, when I bought creams for my friends for Christmas. The sales tactics were not ethical. I have lodged a complaint with the mall, though I dont think the mall can do anything about it.

    1. Hi, this is Jessica Lim, a journo from The Straits Times. I am thinking of working on a story with regards to pushy salesmen. Call me? 98508988

  4. Thought the products were not bad, but cant help feeling conned by THE Filipino SA. Was told the exactly same story: works as a derm at NUH is the shop manager yada yada yada… Would think the products are fixed price and they just jack the quoted price really high and pretend to give you a discount when you are actually paying th actual, if not higher price. HAHAHA, when i told him i was a med student and i would find him at NUH if the products didnt work as he claimed, he did look abit shaken. Tsk tsk, liar much. But friends, do buy online if you are still using the products, its cheaper!

      1. Hi, this is Jessica Lim, a journo from The Straits Times. I am thinking of working on a story with regards to pushy salesmen. Call me? 98508988

    1. Hi, this is Jessica Lim, a journo from The Straits Times. I am thinking of working on a story with regards to pushy salesmen. Call me? 98508988

      1. Hello,

        I bought a mud pack, a conditioner and a scrub for 120 $ (with a soap for free).

        Same cheap marketing tactics. Told me he is from israel.

    2. Thanks for the advice! I think the product do have its effect, however, the sales staff is very hard sell which will eventually puts a lot of people off. I experienced the same sales techniques yesterday. Just my own opinion, the product would be doing even better if they change their approach and be transparent with the pricing, if not, this will spoilt the product reputation on the long run.

  5. Hi there!

    Was conned a few hundred dollars yday.

    The Israeli guy claimed he is the boss. He started by giving my son and I sample and then said we both have very dry skin. And that their products were very good. He asked me to go into the shop just to show me and said that there is no obligation to buy. Then, after showing me the salt scrub and the body butter moisturising cream, which I bought and upon paying he said he would throw in the mud spa mask at half price and give me a body wash for free. It added up to S$160.00 before gst.

    Then, he stopped there at the payment counter and said since I am such a nice lady, he offered to do some facial for me and repeated that i dont have to buy. He started with putting the orogold facial peel, followed by the face mask and then the moisturiser. Then, he put some eye gel and the mask etc etc.

    Yes, he then tried to convince me to buy this and that and would throw in something free or discounted. Somehow, he was a very convincing, smooth talker and he made it seemed like the deal was so great and that you couldnt resist. I tried to say ‘no’ but he would not accept and kept going on and on.

    However, I must admit that the eye gel and mask did wonder and there was a remarkable difference between the eye with and without treatment.

    Anyway, to cut the story short, I felt very angry with myself to be persuaded by this sales tactics and costs me a few hundreds of dollars.

    I feel that an article should be mentioned in the papers about this kind of sales tactics used by these foreigners……

  6. Yes.. same sales tactics… was con into buying the body cream and after much “no” and rejects I told the salesgirl after the demostration, she decided to throw in a free body cream.. so its buy one get ine free.. since she can do this means its cost is very low.. if not she wouldn’t do that… my mum got soft hearted and bought it… but there after… she told me its not real from isreal… they package thenself… all of the containers is stickered… when u open there is no seal… my mum is a professional beautician and she said her products even the sample have seal.. and is teally made in Germany… but their is they buy it in bulk and packaged themselves. .. so this may be the last time we gonna go there…. bye…

  7. Haizzzz….

    I am the victim too, was walk around w.atria. The Israel guy started gave samples, saying things that you everyone encountered. I reluctant to buy as I doesn’t know this product well. When i say no The guy turns unhappy , and s
    Turn his face away and stop talk to me….wow, I was shocked and I just left like that either….. I think they are really conned…maybe

  8. I was approached by them and tried the body scrub. After asking the price of it, I think that it’s too expensive so I told her no. Then she said she could give me the cream and body gel. I continue to reject her because I don’t need so many products then she told her how bout she give me staff price. Which is half price. According to last comment: my body scrub are sealed. And I think they don’t have a fixed price for their product? Hmm..

  9. I was at Star Vista today and was approached by their sales girl. Without asking if I wanted to try their sea salt, she just dumped it on my palm. I had no choice but to walk into the store. Did the wash and was shown the face products. Then she kept pestering me to buy even though I said it was not within my budget. After many offers I still said no and she asked “so you wasting my time?”. That was it and I politely declined and walked out of the store. Will avoid passing by this shop in future in any outlets. Tactics were below the belt and products are pricey.

    1. This is Amanda from Vardi & Migdal.

      Thank you for taking the time out to write review & comments about V&M. We apologise for the inconvenience that have been caused. We look seriously into such matters. Actions will be taken on our end.

      We will like to collect more information about this cases that we will be able investigate into them, do contact me at
      We greatly appreciate your comments.

      Thank you!

      Public Relations Manager

      1. I think they purposely hire foreign guys to lure the female in. And the thing is they stand right in front of the shop that is right at the entrance of Jcube so you can’t even avoid them. Then they shove products into your hands. The key is not be obligated to go into their shop just because they give out free stuff. When this guy approached me the female salesperson gave me a weird almost jealous look. I took the free sample and ran away with him coming after me and telling me to come into the shop. Worth it just to see the pissed off expression on the salesperson’s face lol. You give me a free sample, thank you very much but don’t expect that I should come into your shop just because I did. This kind of persuasion technique is based on social practice of “reciprocity” which is you give me something I feel I need to give back. Don’t fall for it.

      2. It has been more than a year since the PR Manager knew about this, but today, nothing has changed. Still being conned by the same tactics of samples first followed by 1 for 1 freebies, then staff discounts. I’ve already been cheated once and they are recently calling to offer free facials to reward their existing customer. It must be one of their tactics to get you to walk in to their shops so they can con you once again. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

    2. Precisely my sentiments Aminah, I was also “dumped” on by the salesgirl. Their tactic is to put the sea scrub on you and encourage you to enter the shop and close the deal. I was a bit annoyed at that time as my hands were full with luggage etc, and was rushing off to board my bus. It’s unethical to do so, as we as customers are sort of “forced to” buy even though I have told her” no, i’m not interested and need to go.” There is no price tag in the shop as well, whereby all the prices are just quoted there and then. In the end, I have to escape by buying the “mud soap” as the salesgirl kept going on and on about the scrub yada yada yada…. my my, very persistent. I will try to avoid walking pass the shop in the future

  10. Hi i walked past the shop tdy and encounter the same problem too. I was really tempted to buy as the salesgirl said that the scrub n mud mask can treat eczema. She told me that she can giv me staff discount too and like $100 for 3 big tubs seems like a good buy. But i’m nt sure if it really works n i dont want to waste 100 bucks so i would like some advice!!:)) should i buy??

  11. Hello,

    I just both the full package (body and face except eyes) of products in the Star vista Singapore last week and I’ve been using the product for 4 days now. The Israeli guy who introduce the product to me was very good at demonstrating the products to me and gave me a very good deal although its not a cheap one. I use the shower gel with the sea salt scrub twice a week and it really make your skin smooth. I also use the facial peel and mud mask(twice a week) and night cream(daily) however, during the past 4 days, Pimples started to pop in different sizes. today i got 3 (small, medium and large) T_T. i am not sure if it because my face is being cleanse thoroughly or face is being sensitive due to the product. I will still continue to use the product for a week and observe it this stuff really works.

    Below is the product that I’ve bought for total of 5++ SGD.
    – shower gel
    – sea salt scrub
    – body lotion(butter flavor i supposed)
    – Facial peel
    – Mud mask
    – Toner
    – facial cleanser
    – mud soap
    – essential soap (white)
    – collagen patch 2pcs (free)
    – Night facial cream
    – Day Facial Cream

    1. Hello,

      I passed by the store today at Star Vista and was approached by this Filipino sales girl. She said I have lovely young looking skin and was mistaken as 18 years old. She said that I can maintain my young glow by using their products. She showed me lots of products like body cream, shower gel, body salt, facial cream, mud mask, toner, lotion and other stuff. Her tactic was good. I was the only customer they had for the day and I spent $383.

      I got the following:
      – Facial Peel
      – Mud Mask
      – Day Cream
      – Cleansing Gel
      – New Toner Water
      – Butter Vanilla Salt
      – Butter Vanilla soap bar
      – Charm Seduction body lotion

      Don’t know if this will really work but I do hope so. I have very sensitive skin, I’m expecting no breakouts after this.

      Products are too pricey though.

      Tried other dead sea products from “Premier Dead Sea” and “Minus 417”. Both products are not compatible for sensitive skin. The premier dead sea products gave me breakouts and the minus 418 products made my skin dull and darker. Spent 300++ on each of the dead sea companies.

      Hope this Vardi & Migdal is worth it! 🙂

  12. I was jcube today and approach by the filipino lady..she demo me on my hands with the dead sea salt and body butter. I was taken in by her words when she said good for eczema. Her words were so nice and made me wanted to buy it but coincidently I forgot my atm card. She said since I was the 1st customer and gss promo..and if i really want it she can give me special price..she will give me 3product for $100. I just cant resist the temptation even though I told myself “no”. She said to put a deposit of $10 and I can come back later. Omg..and I came back! Now after reading all these comment..I felt conned! And yes the products have no price tag. I was wondering what is actually the price if all were entertain the same..just feel they jack up the price and then offered customers at staff price.

    1. It’s very sad to hear so many people being victimized by pushy V&M sales people. All I can say is don’t buy their stuff no matter how much free stuff they are giving you. Their products are very expensive. Sea salt scrub already cost $75.00. Facial peel $250 (supposedly $500 plus before staff discount)

      First they will lure you into their shop by giving you their free sample of body lotion and next they will say to have a look at their products and there’s no obligation to buy anything.

      Once you step in the shop, thats it… First they will do a product demo on you and then they will think of all means to talk you into buying their products such as.. “We can give you staff discount and ya da ya da….and its a good buy”…and etc.

  13. I just had the same experience with you guys and i think this kind of selling should be stopped. I feel very bad though because i let myself lure into this. I spent for the first time $400 for beauty products. I feel like strangling myself. Deep inside i still hope this pricey products works

  14. Well guys, i saw this article way too late.
    I ended up spending around $510 in this shop…and the salesperson is a real smooth talker. And does the products really works for sensitive skin? i bought it bcos i have hypersensitive skin. and he told me the product does solve my problems

  15. I was approached by the same techniques like the rest of the victims . I am not sure about the products whether it works like this philipino chap claims. I paid Sgd 250 and my son is fuming mad because he found a lot of bad comments on their ethics . Can t the Singapore Domest trade&
    Consumer Ministry implement some control on such unscrupolous selling techniques? Ensure the price is clearly stated and the country of origin and manufacturer are real. I am a tourist.

  16. Hi all, I visited the store @ Plaza Sing on the 24th of January. I went to the store to buy a deadsea salt scrub after having sampled it the other time. Like many, they tried to “hard sell” their products to me but I refused. Finally giving up, they decided to settle the bill and ended up giving me a soap to try for pimples and oily skin. They quoted the price of the scrub @49+ when I asked because there was no price there. I signed with a credit card too and saw the price stated there 49+. However, when the bill came, it was 79+. Was wondering if anyone had this happened to them? I was cheated of $30+. Will recommend everyone to stay far from this store. Judging from the comments here, I do not know how the store still remains open..

  17. My family has been using this product for about three years and I would say their body products are very impressive. This year I have experienced slight eczema on my arms and after few days it becomes less itchy and eventually healed. My younger sis has some itchy rashes in the past but it was gone after using their products (sea salt scrub, exfoliating gel, body milk). We are in love with their sea salt scrub.

    My mum has used their facial products for a year and she has good feedback on it ( face peel /serum/orogold etc, she is a Lancôme user but also like VM prodcuts a lot)

    I have decided to try it although price is very steep (as expensive as LANCOME)
    I have oily face, blackheads/pimples/ huge pores etc (but luckily no acne problem). I have tried Lancôme, Clarin, Clinique, Bioterm,Estee Lauder often they clog my skin (esp moisturiser, serum, sunblock). So I am going to diligently use the VM products and have a review here.

    I have spend SGD 1,200 for the following:
    -Black Diamond Mask
    -Gold Eye Mask (Facial Peeling)
    -Black Diamond Serum
    -Day Cream (wo SPF)
    -Dry Salt x4
    – Exfoliating Gel x3
    -Body Milk x3

    I hope their facial products work perfectly for my oily skin! Cheers!

  18. Can get sea salt from ntuc fair price. Slightly more expensive than normal salt. But definitely under SGD 10. But if you have the money and it makes you happy spending it, by all means! But never be pressured into buying something.

  19. I was coerced into their starvista outlet today even when I refused the sample the ‘no obligations to purchase’ is just a lie. I kept refusing and the salesgirl kept asking me to try and repeating ‘no obligations to purchase’ to me and she just kept showing me cheaper and cheaper products and saying ‘you’re my first customer today, anything you buy I give you one free’ which I still declined. She refused to let me leave till I told her I just have no money to purchase and she gave me a wtf face and told me to leave. So much hard selling and rudeness it does not even go with their decor. The angmoh dudes kept trying to drag those ladies who look like rich taitais in. I’m so glad you have a post and I can comment just to give my 2 cents worth on this place.

  20. Was approached by a man at the plaza singapura outlet level 3. Gave me a tube then lured me in after putting sea salt into my hand. Happened very fast. Then got me to see that my skin condition improved. After that did for me a pre facial and then wanted me to buy the face products. His tactic is very smooth. He gets to know you, said he is the same religion as me and his wife is Malay. He also kept saying it was not about the money but rather about health (claimed he is a dermatologist) and I should pamper myself. Also he claimed to be the manager of the store and he wants to give me two free cleansers if I buy the peel for $200. Told me to ssssh. Even willing to forgo his $50 commission. Then if I buy the bath salt and one moisturizer he will give me another salt foc. The facial products are not cheap, whole set is about $1000. I was impressed by the face products but I wasn’t willing to spend $1000+ just like that. So, I told him I would like to have lunch first and consider. At this point he had already placed all the products into a bag. He also rummaged through another customer’s bag to show how many products she had bought. Without her permission. Earlier on I had already given him my ATM card as I was really amazed by the bath salt. After he sensed my hesitance, he quickly swiped my card and said pay for the bath salt first. I refused to key in my PIN number. He had no choice but to return me my card. Then he said,”You surely won’t be back. Good day to you Kakak.” His voice was in a totally different tone. I could sense he was really unhappy but as a consumer, I like to be informed about the choices I make. I promptly walked out of the shop without buying anything. I was really going to consider the product but after his attitude changed, he is no different than other hard sales people. I don’t really care if the products are from the Dead Sea. But if he is confident about his own products, surely customers would come flocking.

  21. Hi all!

    I went to JCube yesterday and I this Israel guy introduced me their products. At first, he offered me their hand and nail kit (one box consists of hand cream, cuticle gel, buffing block and one more thing I forgot what it is called) for S$75 and told me that he would give me one more box for free. Honestly, I did not really impressed with it even though their buffing block is really useful.
    And then because I felt that this guy will not let me get out from their store without buying anything, I told him that I cannot decide to buy anything right on that moment, and I wanted to leave by saying, “Oh, why don’t you give me one hour to think and I’ll come back to find you again.” Bad tactic for me because he keep showing me their other products, included their sea salt scrub which I found is really amazing! (Now he got me). When he realized that I was getting interested, he showed me their facial peel and mud mask. To be honest, I feel that these products is quite comfortable for my skin and I quite like it. I only don’t like the price. But, this Israel guy keep giving me his ‘best offer’.
    In the end, I bought 6 items (mud shampoo and conditioner both FOC, buffing block FOC, mud mask, facial peel, sea salt scrub) for S$280 include GST.
    I have read all the comments above and I think we all have experienced the same thing ;p i have checked their website and some online shop platform that sells their products, but the price is quite vary to one another.
    Hopefully the products are really good and we won’t feel dissappointed and conned for spending the money 🙂

    1. Hi, I had very similiar experience in JCube. I bought also a few things: nail kit box, death sea salt scrub, facial pealing and body butter. I can say, that I quite like these products. But, sales staff is really pushy,isn´t it? This approach to costumers is not very good, as many people do not want to go there 2nd time. So from marketing point of view, how they want to built the relationship of costumers to this label? Products are working( I can say that after a few weeks), but they are a little bit overpriced regarding my opinion. What do you think?

  22. I had totally same experience as Munah. I had to pay like $225 in total. I chked in Qoo10 and found out that the scrub is actually $40. Intend to report to CASE.
    Action needed to be taken for this hard selling staff.

    1. Hi Ann,
      I agreed with you. We should report to CASE as I see there is no changes in the sales talk. Too much gimmicks and “lies”.

  23. It is already 2015 and they are not giving up. Passed by their outlet in Plaza Sing while a girl was giving out samples. She then told me to come inside while I told her “no” politely. She then literally pulled me by the hand into the shop to “show me” more products. I told her I already have sea salt at home and that her colleagues from their other outlets showed me their products already. I kept saying I don’t want to buy but she just ignored me. She then claimed that she would sell me this one product at $45 and the second one would be $15. When I said no, she dared to ask me “why you don’t want buy?” and I wanted to slap her already. Then she said “okay, fine” in a tone that would piss off a saint. She looked down and I could see her upset. Oh my god. I was nothing but polite and this is how she acts? The worst sales experience I’ve ever had. I used to work in sales while in uni and this kind of rude disrespectful behaviour is simply unacceptable. Just close their shops already. What a way to end my day out. Clearly they haven’t done anything to re-train their non-civil staff.

  24. This is really bad.
    Even I was victim and Sales girl was very pushy. but some how she said sea salt is 75 and gave 30 % discount. took my number and email id for giving discount.
    I am also conned

    1. same experience, this ang moh guy tried to lure me in…well, the product is quite impressive but i felt really cheated after… In fact, i regretted it the moment i walked in 🙁 I’d like to return the product also if i can…i ended up taking the photo of the products and selling online. I didnt feel good about the purchase..

      I’m surprised after reading the blog comments that their tactic is to say they are the manager of the stores and will give me a good discount. (smooth talker)

      Anyway, i felt cheated 🙁

    1. After how the sales girl pushy me to buy the the beginning i tempted myself of the product..i tried to walk away. But yet they offered me a special price and free the end i hv spent that much unnecessarily..i felt unhappy about it.. there anyway i can return the product and get a refund

  25. Hi,
    I was conned by the Filipino salesperson today as I was on my way back to office after lunch. He called me in saying I don’t have to buy the products but just allow him to do the demo. So I agreed. He started his sales tactic again. Persuading me to buy the body scrub at $90 but I refused. Then offering me a special discount since he has a special rate for his birthday at $45. Using religion, he says that he would not lie. So finally he convinced me he would give me I more bottle free if I purchased 2 bottles at $90. Ok I got it. Since I agreed to buy, he says he is giving me a free facial. Again same method use. I say “no” to 24k multivitamin face peel which is super pricey. He quoted me $650. And he is giving me a good offer at $200 and he telling me not to disclose to his boss who is just around. In total I spend about $400 buying other products by force. When I went home, I checked on google on the products. To my surprise, the 24k multivitamin peel cost $150, body scrub cost $30. I felt cheated and manipulated. I hope the management of V&M and will look into this matter. It is totally unethical and unprofessional and lack of integrity. The salesperson has to be honest and truthful in the service that is entrusted into their hands. Do not overprice your products. I have a strong urge to write in to CASE on this matter as I am being conned and cheated.

    1. Hi there ,
      I read your feedbacks and I am surprised .
      I am using thier products for 2 years .
      Why you didnt contact thier office or emailed thier customer service ?
      I am sure they would have refund you and fire this staff,
      I hope you will do so . I am sure they will take acctions immediately

  26. So sad to see so many people conned. I had a really bad experience today at V&M at StarVista. I felt so angry that I googled to see if anyone had similar bad experience and your blog came up. I’m sad to see so many had bad experiences. But my experience today is a little different.

    I am very wary of these people, having been conned before by the same people when I was on holiday in USA. I’m so embarrassed to admit this, but I was conned into spending almost S$2,000. I don’t know what happened to me. The girl and her supervisor just talked and talked until I got really blur and just spent – they had my credit card at this point. Almost S$2,000. And I am not even the sort that buys expensive creams or is easily cheated.

    So today, while passing by V&M, I am super wary. Whenever I see these people (or any Dead Sea products people), I walk far far away. But this girl kept following me and following me to push a sample into my hand. I said no. No, go away. Then when she actually touched me to put the sample into my hand, I said very loud: Go away! I wasn’t even near the shop at this point. So I believe she’s overstepped her boundaries by following me.

    She quickly ran back to her supervisor and reported that I told her to – Go Away. And he shouted at me and shouted at me as I walked away. I quickly went into a shoe shop about 3 stores down to get away from him. I browsed for about 5 minutes. I was with my 2 daughters. When I came out, the guy was still there, arms crossed. He made sure to stare at me, made sure I saw him, then walked away. I was quite scared! I quickly left the mall. Very scary, intimidating. I was shaking.

    Please, people. When you see any of these people trying to offer you products or samples – RUN! There are other products out there, with proper pricing, that you can buy. Please don’t support these gangsters.

    1. Guys, I am also a customer.
      Agree some products are not cheap and a Sales person does his job to offer the products, so why are you complaining that you are so easy to open your wallets and be influenced?)) this made me laugh, it has nothing to do with the product.

  27. Hi. Is there anyone wanna buy their vanilla buttercream? Still unopen. Just sell it 2 tubs for $60.. I bought it but sadly my hubby didnt like it.

  28. You wouldn’t believe this, I actually went back for more because their dead sea salt products work for me. I have recently developed a skin sensitivity that was persistent. Even products from very established brands didn’t work.
    I even objected to the new much more fancy packaging that I attribute to the escalated cost but the Filipino salesperson was smart enough to match my objection with the old price. How about this to good salesmanship and customer recovery policy.
    My suggestion is for all to try the products rather than checking on price difference alone as soon as youve come back from your shoppjng spree and feel cheated by the whole experience. I would say most of you felt cheated because you didn’t have the intention to buy anything in the first place.
    Don’t buy cheap; buy good.

  29. They also used very pushy sales tactic on me and I hated them ever since. My advice is to just snatch their Charm Seduction lotion sample everything u walk past their shops and just run as fast as you can while shaking your head if they ask you to “COME IN! COME IN LAH!”. It’s like the perfect revenge. I think I did it like 5 times already.

  30. Today marks the 30th day of waiting for a reply from apparently a non-existing boss of V&M after they have conned me into buying products worth SGD3000, and I do mean CON, using words such as ”I am the sales director and I will use my employee discount to give you a discount”. I have called Orogold around the world, including Marina Sands Singapore, to check on the prices of particular products I was conned into buying and they are not even close to the prices I am given discounts for. After seeing these blogs from you good people today, I am going to CASE and paying to lodge a complaint, without waiting much longer. Those of you who are with me on this, please email me at

  31. Probably I will be last person commenting on this site about V&M. I ended up swiping my card @ $340 yesterday at their shop in Plaza. I am Malaysian and I have just been relocated here in Singapore a month ago and in my mind I kept on converting the cost to MYR! I can’t believe I spent this amount over this brand which I never knew, lured by this talkative Filipino guy with no full stop sign when he talked (yes, he claimed his wife from JB, M’sia).
    I will start using the products and hope for a good result. I have sensitive oily skin with pigmentation. The products I bought according to my bill:
    – vitamin peel @ $200 + 1 @ $50 (I thought he told I gave you one for free ????) = $250
    – Milk soap @ $45 x 2 = $90
    – body mist & body lotion = FOC

  32. just to let everyone know that these companies are most likely under the same management considering I’ve encountered all three of them (except Premiere Dead Sea) with salespersons employing the same tactic to get customers to buy their product:

    Vardi Migdal
    Soap Stories
    Premiere Dead Sea

    there could be more out there that I’m not aware of…

  33. oh my gosh!!!! I didn’t know that there were such bad reviews. got pulled into the shop today and spent about SGD1000 over there. they pressured me to buy little buy little and they threw in a lot of freebies too and offered me 6 facial packages. hope that the products are good so that I don’t regret spending that money 😭😭😭

  34. is there a fair trading to product consumer’s right in Singapore? I was having the similar experience lately in Melbourne Central which Origani Salesperson approached me. I ended up spending AUD4330! The guy who claimed to be the boss of the shop asked his wife together to serve me..he also told me that his father is a genius who invent the product. he also told me that I will get back 22% for TRS at airport but I just got back standard 10% GST rebate. I did asked him why is 22% and he told me that there is different tax rebate bucket like income tax…I naively believe in him. All the secret exposed when I was at airport and called up the company and the person who picked the call told him he is not the boss but just a manager…
    lesson learnt, don’t ever believe in such sales, furthermore there is no price tag on the items…luckily I can seek fair trading consumer in Victoria to see if they can help in this “scam”.

    1. Hi Yuki

      There is CASE : in Singapore.

      The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that is committed towards protecting consumers interest through information and education, and promoting an environment of fair and ethical trade practices. One of our key achievements is in advocating for the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (CPFTA) which came into effect on March 1, 2004.

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