httpv:// Official site: Everyone should have the freedom to love, regardless of sexual orientation. But fear, ignorance and prejudice often stand in the way. At Pink Dot, we believe the first step to overcoming these barriers is for open-minded segments of society to come together. If you too feel that LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) […]

Francfranc Vivocity Opening 2012

Francfranc a Japanese lifestyle shop has recently opened their latest outlet in Viviocity. Their concept is about putting furniture and sundries that accentuate spaces through coordinating various items. Francfranc offers pleasing, quality items at reasonable prices. Through an extensive lineup of products, Francfranc desire is to help customers in creating enriched spaces for an enjoyable […]

陳偉聯 - 分岔口 (官方版MV)

一首唱出我的故事的歌, 感动了 !!大家一起来支持这一首唱,支持伟联 !! httpv:// 陳偉聯 - 分岔口 這窗到底打開不打開 會是一片晴天或陰霾 還是閉上眼讓全世界暗下來 末日到底是來或不來 我們到底是愛或不愛 那未知的將來到底是誰安排 生命像一座迷宮 未來懸在二選一的分岔口 眼前是絢麗的彩虹 還是殘忍的黑洞 為什麼越愛的人越受傷 為什麼好人會有壞的下場 這一切跟我的想像永遠都不一樣 難道都已刻在我手上 無法被更換 我不要每次都流淚收場 我不要每次摔得遍體鱗傷 這一切到底是怎樣 我頑強的抵抗 要怎麼摧毀迷宫的牆 我要不一樣