Men’s Fashion Week 2012 Day 4

Yes another great night at MFW 2012, should have posted this earlier but was busy with work and preparing my trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Nevertheless, here’s a summary of the shows and performances  Enjoy 🙂 Guess who I met ?? Haha  … My ex colleague Joseph, another fashionable IT guy 🙂 Group photos with with friends before the shows […]

Nat Ho – Unleashed

httpv:// My support for local artist. There are many negative comments on the MTV and from the news it was stated most negative comments came from Singaporeans. Is sad to see how Singaporeans are not supporting their own talent and production and here we are complaining about foreign talent taking over our jobs.   When you look at […]

Men’s Fashion Week 2012 Charity Opening Night

This is the first time I am attending an international fashion show.  A new and fun experience.  Here is a short summary and some photos for your enjoyment 🙂 SpunkPunkFunk was in-charge of creative direction – decor -MFW designers’ exhibition booth. A great display done up by Jen Su and team. The great designers of […]